Huisje Kind

The Huisje Design Kind Play House differs from other Play Houses on the market by its ingenious & innovative sleek design, it is functional & durable. Built to endure the rough & tumble of life. 

The general perception of Play Houses are simple toys for play, but they are so much more than that. Using play houses has developmental benefits like encouraging exploration, imagination and creative play, improved object recognition, understanding how things work, promoting natural curiosity, creative thinking, as well as problem solving.

All in all, making children more socially and emotionally balanced.

Play houses are excellent toys to help children develop, and we wanted to create a product that excites and inspires children & the child in all of us. As there is no greater joy / pleasure than getting actively involved with your child’s personal growth & development.

The Packable Stackable Play House


Huisje Kind Stained - Wooden Play House - $289

The Huisje Design Play House box rooms pack down into each other (just like a nesting Russian Matryoshka doll), which allows…

Huisje Kind - $175 - Wooden Play House DIY Kit

The Huisje Design Play House DIY Kit allows you assemble and decorate it yourself..  Go crazy and let…

Huisje Kind - $225 - Wooden Play House Stained DIY KIT - Excluding Furniture

Love the Pre Assembled Stained Play House, but want to construct it yourself? Well this is for you. The…

Huisje Kind - $230 - Wooden Play House DIY Kit includes Pre Made Furniture

The Huisje Design Play House DIY Kit allows you assemble and decorate it yourself..  Go crazy and let…



Thanks for all the thought that you have put into designing and creating this doll house. We have found that it is durable and easy to extend children's play and imagination. It is compact and easy to store and when set it easily sits on a tabletop. ...

Kinder , Manager,

Steiner School

Our house from Huisje design is a wonderfully convenient toy that our kids love to play with. The stackable parts make it so easy to store, and assemble in all kinds of ways. ...

Steiner School , Teacher 1 ,

Lyla & Annika

We liked playing with the doll house and the table and chairs ...

Lyla & Annika, Aged 4 & 3,


I liked the doll house because it has wooden things that don't break easily and you can make things to go on the doll house. ...

Annie, Aged 4,

Steiner School

The Huisje Kind House supports a child’s ability to use and develop their imagination; the children just love to make their own style of house! The pieces are durable and lightweight. With so many designs to choose, these would also make anyone a wonderful gift! ...

Steiner School , Teacher 2 ,