Sitting & Bedroom Wood Grain Furniture Set


Beautiful decorative Mini Sitting & Bedroom Room Furniture Set which co-ordinates perfectly with the Huisje Kind Dolls House.,


- 4 x Woodgrain-look Chair
- 1 x Woodgrain-look DiningTable
- 1 x Sofa ( inclusive of 2 pillows, woodgrain-look legs and base)
- 2 x Woodgrain-look Small Side Tables
- 1 x Woodgrain-look Bed (inclusive of 3 pillows, Bed Cover & Mattress) 

Dolls & Tea Set not included

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Thanks for all the thought that you have put into designing and creating this doll house. We have found that it is durable and easy to extend children's play and imagination. It is compact and easy ...

Kinder , Manager,

Steiner School

Our house from Huisje design is a wonderfully convenient toy that our kids love to play with. The stackable parts make it so easy to store, and assemble in all kinds of ways. It supports a child’s a ...

Steiner School, Teacher,


I liked playing with the doll house ...

Lyla, Aged 4,


I liked the table and chairs ...

Annika, Aged 3,


I liked the doll house because it has wooden things that don't break easily and you can make things to go on the doll house. ...

Annie, Aged 4,


I liked it because there's dolls that can play in it ...

Olive, Aged 3,