24 September 2017

How To Make A Draobdrac Person.

How To Make A Draobdrac Person.

By Maya Donaldson

You will need:-

1 X Toilet roll

Stick tape

Black marker







Materials to make Draobdrac person

Step 1. 

First you have to cut your toilet roll down one side. Then adjust its height and width to the size you want and stick it with sticky tape.


Toilet roll


Toilet roll - cut


Step 2. 

Secondly using your marker draw a face on the toilet roll.


Toilet Roll Face

Step 3. 

To make the hair you have to make a pom-pom out of any colour wool. To put the hair on, take the bottom of the pom-pom and stick it to the inside of the roll.

Toilet roll with hair

Step 4. 

Of course you will need some clothes for your Draobdrac person. To make some clothes you have to decide what type of pattern or fabric you are going to use.

Also you need to decide if you are going to make a dress or T- shirt and pants. To make it easy for you to take on and off the pants and the top you can stick them together.

Seeing that the Draobdrac people don’t have arms and hands you don’t have to make sleeves.

Draobdrac person - Toilet Roll

Step 5. 

After you have finished, you can make numerous people to put on display. 


Draobdrac People  - Toilet Roll


You can also check out my How to video on youtube as well as the Hunfkin's Holiday video below.

How To Make A Draobdrac Person - Video

Italy - Draobdrac. -- "Positano we have a problem"