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Huisje is an eco-friendly, Australian designed and produced product

The Packable Stackable doll-house

The inspiration for “Huisje Design” came during two wonderful years spent living in Amsterdam back in the early 2000’s when our two daughters were very young. Anyone who has travelled to Amsterdam has most likely spent some time wandering or taking a cruise along one or more of it’s many wonderful canals, marveling at the beautiful facades of those tall houses - some proud, grand and stately, others quite ramshackle – but all with their own unique character. Perhaps you were lucky enough to have seen a piece of furniture or a box of goods being hoisted up and pulled in through a window using a rope suspended from the hook attached at the top of the house – much easier than negotiating those narrow winding staircases. As we spent many happy hours wandering those canals, lulling our little girls to sleep in their pram, inspiration slowly dawned – what a great design for a dolls house… And what about cardboard boxes? Hmmm… Lightweight, recycled, stackable, pack-up-able, eminently decorate-able…! A trip to the local Albert Heijn supermarket for some discarded product packaging boxes and so the seed of inspiration was sewn and Huisje Design was born. Our girls are not so young any more, but have been wonderful "product-development consultants" as they have enjoyed playing with and fully road-testing our designs across the years.

We love the idea of crafting at home - with kids, for kids, for yourself as a big kid – that’s why we created our flat-packed “Nude” kits. There is nothing more satisfying and rewarding than creating something beautiful, especially something that a small person (or people?!) in your life will also love and with whom you will be able to share the joy. And for children who want to take part in the creative process themselves? – it is so wonderful to see the joy and pride in their own sense of achievement. Huisje Design is for all – big and small!

We’re not all crafty though. And if you’re not, or just don’t have the time, our fully decorated and constructed products are for you. There is still plenty of potential to get creative as you express your flare for interior design – well, in miniature format at least! We love colour – and have been sure to create an interior design range which fully coordinates for a warm and consistent aesthetic. Choose wall colours, flooring, soft furnishing designs, art work and more. You can choose from our settings or create your own bespoke interior design. We just love our product, as do our children – we hope that you will too.

In the spirit of “sustainability”, we have made every effort to keep Huisje Design products as eco-friendly as possible. All corrugated cardboard used in the Canal Houses and Mini Rooms is 100% recycled. The poplar plywood used for furniture components is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). We’ve also sought, where possible, to source production processes and components within Australia, and especially, locally. Production occurs entirely in Melbourne, Australia, and predominantly by hand in our own (and very cluttered!) home.

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