Coming Soon

Here is one of the products that we are currently developing – we hope that it will be available for sale very soon!

Huisje Kind - Wooden Dolls House

fallen grain material kind and packable coming soon short














 Our signature product, the Canal House dolls house, is wooden, fully constructed, and furnished.

It is robust, durable and ready for the rough & tumble of life.

Designed and manufactored to be used at Childcares, Kindergartens & Playgroups

When fully assembled the Canal House stands at just over 1.2m, with the floor of the bottom storey measuring 32 X 24 cm. It’s a nice big dolls house which doesn’t take up too much room on your floor or table top – perfect for small play-spaces. It also packs away when not being used - each box is just a little bit smaller than the one below, so they can be popped one inside the other then neatly into the bottom box. Furniture and dolls fit inside, then pop on the lid – space-efficient and tidy.



packable stackable dolls house

 packable stackable dolls house