Huisje Nude

Our 100% recycled corrugated cardboard fully assembled "Nude" Canal House dolls house and Mini Room kits are for those of you who love craft and interior design, and any chance to work with your most favourite colours and beautiful fabrics. Pull out your bottles of craft paint, rummage through your bag of fabric scraps, flick through your interior design magazines - vibrant feature walls, sumptuous faux fur rugs, modern art wall hangings, silk brocade cushions, funky retro prints – whatever is your style, it’s just around the corner for you – in miniature form at least! The kits provide the opportunity to use your imagination and get creative at any number of levels - a child can decorate in their own fashion, a grown–up can set the challenge bar as high as they like.

Our Huisje Design Mini Rooms  look great left raw for an “earthy, organic”, or even a more “gender-neutral”, look, or use your imagination and paint and decorate them. You might like to make your own furniture – there are some great ideas on the internet using items that you might find around the home (see the Huisje Design Pinterest board for some ideas).

Clicking on the product name below the product photos will take you directly to our online Huisje Design “Etsy” shop, where you will be able to view the specific details of that piece and purchase if you so desire.

Huisje Canal House - Fully Assembled

The Canal House is made up of five boxes – the five storeys of the house - which sit one on top of the other. It’s tall and thin, standing at just over 1.2m when fully assembled, with the floor of the bottom storey measuring 32 X 24 cm – it’s a nice big dolls house which doesn’t take up too much floor space.  AND it packs away when not being used – starting at the top storey, each box is just a little bit smaller than the one below, so they can be popped one inside the other, neatly into the bottom box. Furniture and dolls fit inside, pop on the lid – tidy, dust-free, space-saving!


> Canal House Fully Assembled Canal House Fully Assembled

Huisje Mini Room Kit

The Nude Mini Room Flat-Packed Kit allows you to construct and decorate your own miniature box room which has a lid. With the lid, the Mini Room measures 190 x 250 x 175mm. Again, just as for the Canal House dolls house, when your little person has finished playing, pop the dolls and furniture inside with the lid on to keep the whole set-up safe and tidy until next time. You can also buy these Mini Rooms already decorated, either furnished or unfurnished.

These Mini Rooms are a slightly smaller scale than the Canal House, but 1:12 scale furniture still fits nicely inside. If you have more than one of these Mini Rooms, they will look great stacked one on top of the other, as tall towers or side-by-side - they just won’t fit inside each other, as do the boxes of the larger (5 storey) Canal House.